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For 37 years the system has failed Jeffrey Milo Burks. 

Set Jeff Free

Since 1987 Jeffrey Milo Burks has been serving a life sentence with no parole for a murder he did not commit.


Jeffrey Milo Burks

Tell Governor Newsom to commute Jeffrey's sentence!

In March 1984, Jeffrey was accused of a crime he did not commit. Deemed expendable by the guards at Folsom Prison, and in an effort to promote gang violence for corporate gain, Jeffrey was an easy target - Black, had served time, and was non-gang affiliated. 

He is just one of the many subjected to the corruption within the prison industrial complex.

Jeffrey has proven that his capabilities and work contributions while incarcerated are that of an active, valuable member of society, yet he remains behind bars unable to thrive and show the world his gifts.

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Folsom Prison administration investigated for corruption

Integrated Yard Policy System at Folsom leads to record numbers of stabbings, racial tension, gang violence


Jeffrey is up for parole

March 24 

Inmate Edward Brooks is stabbed in Folsom Prison yard.


Jeffrey is accused of Brooks’ murder


March 25

First stabbing confession: Rickey Bonneville 


March 26

Guards discover 44 inches of metal missing from Bonneville’s cell - incident goes undocumented

April 9

Second stabbing confession: Warren Jordan

Jeffrey Milo Burks is convicted of a murder two others have confessed to committing

The Northern California Innocence Project helps locate DNA evidence proving Jeffrey’s innocence 

Jeffrey is notified by the Innocence Project that DNA evidence proving Jeffrey’s innocence was signed out by the DA Investigator, and never returned

Private Investigator re-interviews key witness who subsequently changes his story-- Again

We fight for Governor Gavin Newson to commute Jeffrey’s sentence and grant his freedom



"The evidence I have found clearly shows a direct link between the integrated yard policy and the building of Pelican Bay and Corcoran maximum security prisons and isolation units, or the SHU."


- Jeffrey Milo Burks, SF Bay View

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